Saturday, January 7, 2017

Being Nine Is Mighty Fine!

January 8, 2017

How did we arrive here SO FAST, my Camden?

I am filled with so much joy for the years thus far and each time I look back on photos from the days when you were teeny tiny, my heart skips a mommy beat of nostalgia.

Today while watching you play with your friends during your party, I felt my heart swell with pride for the young man that you are becoming every day. The promise of the way you interact with friends and how you include your brother, so he doesn’t miss out on the fun, brings comfort and affirmation to me as a parent.

While lying in bed tonight, you said to me: “I had so much fun today, Mommy”!
You shared that you love your friends and you feel so blessed by each one. You spoke so kindly of each friend and what they mean to you...SO Sweet My Boy!
As we snuggled tonight, I took inventory of a few of the many changes that have happened over the past nine years:

* Nine years ago tonight, I was pregnant at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Burbank, California, awaiting your arrival; scared out of my mind, as I feared I would not know how to be your mommy…Little did I know, that a little more than 24 hours later, you would be placed into my arms, I would fall instantly in love, and our mommy and son adventures would begin.
* I spent countless hours holding you close. Nursing was constant in the beginning, though there was no place I would have rather been. Your even temperament made it very easy to take you with me everywhere. 
* The hundreds of miles that I walked with you throughout our neighborhood in West Hills during your first few months of life are some of my favorite memories. I would listen to music, watch you sleep, and away we would stroll for hours on end.
I actually kind of lost myself in being your mommy for a while. Though I regret none of our time, I had a difficulty wanting to do anything else other than to be cozy with you in my arms. It took me nearly a year to realize I needed to find "me" again so I could be the best mommy to you! 
* Weeks turned into months…and we moved to Tennessee in June of 2008. Six months old and so much fun! Your smile was constant and I lived for your giggles.
I remember our sweet game that lasted almost five years: 
Big Boy/Little Boy!
I would hold you up in the air as high as I could muster … “BIG BOY”
I would swing you low toward my feet… “LITTLE BOY…”
…You LOVED IT and this was our routine after “tubby time” for years!

I’m praising God for these memories, as I know that phase has passed and we are on to new adventures…

*I can still see your little hands…the indents where your knuckles now reside. I see your chubby cheeked face that began thinning out at age three and just keeps doing so more and more with each year.  I still remember the first time you were able to pucker when you kissed me {as opposed to the wide mouth resting on my cheek kind of kiss from ages 1-3}.

*I vividly recall the day that you switched the use of improper pronouns to correct ones:
“Hold Yous Mama…Hold Yous,” you would exclaim with your little chubby arms outstretched up as high as you could reach.
In a flash, this became: “Hold…. Hold…ME”!

So many of your “firsts” are still fresh in my mind as they day they happened.
*Your first night without your pacifier: aka: “Binks”.
*Your first day of preschool
*The first lost tooth
*Your First Birthday
*The first time you met and held your “Beebee Dash”
*The first time you could hold my hand instead of just a few fingers

*I remember the night before you went to kindergarten…you looked so big in your bed and I sobbed my eyes out knowing that our mommy/son daytime years were over. School was calling and it was time for my big boy to go.

Since you began elementary school, I feel like the years are moving more rapidly.

I have always said to you: “Slow Down,” and you’ve always said: “I Can’t Mama!”

My son, you SHINE! You are a joy to all who know you!

Your love of cars that began at age 2 has only intensified with each passing year. You still spend hours lining up your matchbox cars in rows, like you did when you were just a little toddler; but now you know the year, make, and model of each one! I marvel at how much you know about the automobile industry. It’s really quite impressive. I can’t believe you will be driving your own car in just the blink of an eye from now.

You’ve picked up Hip Hop as a hobby this year. I look forward to watching you on stage this summer. You have lots of swagger and it’s evident that the girls are going to be swooning very very soon, {Jesus, help this mama}!

Basketball is your jam! You LOVE it and have grown in this skill quite a bit since last year. It’s so fun watching you go after what you want…a truly passionate little man!

This is your 4th year of tae kwan do, and even though you complain about having to leave the house and go to your lessons, you excel when you are in class. This sport has taught you discipline in many ways!

I’m not sure what life would be like right now without our Jesus, Camden! When you were 7, turning 8, I had embarked on my first few months of journeying with HIM. This year, we are growing as a family in our walk together with Christ. It’s amazing how in one year, we’ve allowed Him to come into the center of our home and be our compass. Listening to you pray is pure FAITH and TRUST! You LOVE and Choose Jesus so naturally.

This summer, on June 4th, each member of our family was baptized in the river behind our church. What a beautiful ceremony surrounded by our loved ones. After an entire day of rain... the clouds parted, the sun peaked out, and a rainbow painted the sky after we’d become new creations… IN HIM!

Our family’s motto: “Speak Life. Choose Joy. Love King Jesus,” has been the perfect way to send you off into your day and also serves us well as a reset when needed.

Before the Lord captured my heart, I used to fear that you were going to head down some of the windy, bumpy, and sometimes-dangerous paths that I once chose.

What a beautiful gift to be able to praise Him with advanced thanksgiving for His provision over your life. He’s a good good Father, and we know without a doubt God works all things together for our good when we choose His ways.

While in my quite time several months ago, He showed me a beautiful vision:

You were standing at the base of a mountain…there was snow on the mountain and you begin to climb upward. Suddenly, a massive snowball came toward you. Rather than running, you collected your strength, stretched out your arms and began to push the snowball upward.
Once at the top, there were people on the other side of the base of the mountain cheering and gathered together. They were like tiny dots because you were at such a high elevation, though I could hear their joyous cries.
There you stood…waiving a huge banner, walking calmly back and forth across the mountaintop. Your banner read: Freedom!
With a banner in one hand, Jesus appeared and grabbed your other. He guided you and Dash down the hill. He was in the middle of the two of you and holding your hands. As you all walked closer to the bottom of the mountain, I was able to see that the people at the base were all children.
Jesus held a loaf of bread, split it between the three of you, and you went to work sharing HIM with each child. Every child ate. No one was hungry.
What an incredible gift from Heaven to be able to access this whenever I need to feel comforted about your future. HE has you…You are HIS!

Glory to God for choosing me to be your Mommy, Camden Jon!

I have had the wonderful privilege of carrying you in my arms, walking tiny baby steps next to you, guiding you at first with my pinky finger, then two fingers, three fingers, and finally my whole hand. 
The honor of watching you grow, being your trusted guide, and your most favorite girl {currently} makes each and every day a new adventure.

Your future is brighter than the sun, my son! 

And as we say almost daily to each other…

“I love you more…
Ok, Ok…. I love you as much as you love me”

Forever and Ever My Teeny Tiny Lookalou!


Friday, October 14, 2016


To My Littlest:

It’s the eve of your seventh birthday and I’m sitting alone on a balcony over looking the ocean. It is the last night of this week at the beach and I am feeling so blessed to have this time to reflect on this last year as I listen to the waves break on the shore. The Lord just gifted me with a vibrant sunset of deep reds and golds and now the moon is lighting up the sky and glistening off of the water.  I so loved spending three days here with you, Camden, and Daddy. A perfect getaway that has me looking forward to our next family adventure.

What an honor it is to be your Mommy! I am filled with the most profound joy that could only come from God.  As you know, this relationship with Jesus is brand new in my heart; though what will always remind me of how He loves us, is how you have ALWAYS known Him.

I remember, last October, when I shared with you how the Lord revealed Himself to me and how I finally opened up my heart to Jesus. You looked at me with your big eyes and exclaimed with certainty: “Mommy, I’ve known Jesus since I was in your belly!” That statement continues to serve as a reminder that our Heavenly Father is mighty to save and is always- ALWAYS with us. That He wants us to draw close to His presence, walk in wonderment, and have a childlike faith.

Dashy, God has blessed our family with the gift of YOU! You have always known who you are and what you want. You are bold. You are brave. You are a delight!

I am learning to embrace your strength and strong will, in celebration of how God has created you. You bring us so much joy and certainly keep us on your toes.

The Holy Spirit burns inside of you and I cannot wait to witness all that HE has planned for your life.

We’ve spent this year getting to know our Heavenly Father together as a family of four.

We learned to lean on one another when our dear friend Shellie spent almost one month in the hospital fighting for her life. We learned to TRUST and glorify God through the uncertainty, and praise Him in her miraculous healing.

In May, our family took our first trip to Los Angeles together. Daddy and I loved watching you and Camden take in all of the new sights with wonder and awe. I will never forget watching you and your brother run toward the Pacific Ocean together for the first time. It certainly will not be the last; as we are looking so forward to our next visit out West.

Our family was baptized on June 4th of this year in the Harpeth River behind our church: Grace Chapel. When your Daddy, who baptized you, asked if you had anything you would like to say prior, you exclaimed:

“I love God because He’s Awesome”!

We have walked this new path with Jesus leading the way, and I am learning so much from you and your brother on how to worship without fear and how to walk in total faith!

In late June/early July, you attended Camp Kletecka with Mimi and Grandaddy, spending nearly one week together in Ohio swimming, playing tennis, getting to go to the Air force Museum, and being spoiled with treats and LOVE!

Late summer, we took a trip to our favorite place: Smith Lake! Jumping off the dock, playing on the porch, and even getting lost on the lake in a rainstorm while on a pontoon boat made for a highlight of our year. This place is truly heaven on earth and we long to make many more memories there in the years to come.

You began first grade in early August and are learning how to be student. Math is your favorite subject and you are fully planning on becoming an artist when you grow up. I pray you are forever gifted with the balance between right and left brain…like your Daddy!

You make friends easily though definitely like to be in charge. We are working on helping you develop stronger listening skills, though you often remind us:

“Talking is my favorite thing to do”.

Now in your third year of Tae Kwan Do, you have achieved your yellow belt and will soon be testing for green, where sparring will become part of your skillset. We truly love your coach, Mr. Eric, who leads with love and strength!

Your musical talent is developing more with each year. Hip Hop has become one of your favorite hobbies and watching you rock “the robot” never gets old. In June 2017 you will perform in your first official dance recital! I. Can’t. Wait!

You are our constant comedian and my little sidekick companion. Always wanting to hold my hand and sit by or cuddle up to me. My heart melts each time I get to snuggle you as I know these days of you being tiny are numbered and passing quickly. You still tell everyone that I, your Mommy, am your girlfriend with such precious innocence.

You are reminding me to keep things simple. To enjoy the togetherness of our family more often. To slow down. To breathe deeper and laugh often!

On our last night together here in Florida, you asked us if we could all go the beach as a family and walk around under the moonlight before bedtime. Once our feet were on the sand, you instructed each one of us where to stand and then led our family in a prayer, asking that each one of us stand together in praise and thanksgiving. Oh how I love your boldness for our Great God!

As I prepare to finalize this letter, I realize that it is the first one of your seven years of life that I have given God the glory…that I am able stand on His rock of Truth and Purpose for Your Life, my Dashy. This thought alone brings me an indescribable sense of gratitude and excitement for what’s to come.

Thank you Jesus for rescuing my heart last October 25th, so that our family could unite in faith and rest in Your perfect love that casts out all fear.

Happiest Birthday My Sweet Boy!! You are a treasure of immeasurable value. You are my littlest love with the biggest heart and I cannot wait to watch you soar into seven!

Love. Love. LOVE, 


Thursday, January 7, 2016

8 is Great For Camden Boos...


January 7, 2016

My Sweet Camden Boos, it really the night before you become an eight year old? My sweet boy, where has the time gone?

Truly the blink of an eye; and yet I still feel like I have always known you. 

As long as I have existed, you have been a part of me...though only coming to fruition 8 years ago! 

I remember you in my first child! 

What a special and beautiful bond we share! Camden, YOU, were the first one with whom I had the honor of sharing life...until on January 8, 2008, you took your first breath and began a life of your own! 

In this past year, you have grown into a more certain- of- yourself boy. 

Strong opinions and such a cool guy too! 

Your latest missions are to hang as many car posters on your wall as I will allow, become a basketball star, and to grow the front of your hair over your right eye! 

You have a heart of gold, and I pray that the world never makes you feel shame for loving others in such a BIG way! My intention is to preserve and encourage that very trait so that you may exude and impact everyone with your pure light and JOY! 

A few weeks ago, there was a young man in a restaurant who was taking care of our table. He possessed a unique light that was bright, honest and true! I was so blown away by his innocent yet upstanding demeanor that I stopped him to let him know that his Joy was contagious! His smile was GENUINE! He appeared to be unscathed from what can sometimes be a tough his light outshone the darkness. 

That boy...although I will probably never see him again...That boy gave me HOPE! 

I saw YOU in that boy, my Camden!! YOU give me HOPE! 

These days we are having mama and big boy conversations, and often I find myself blown away at how grown you are in the moments. Parenting becomes increasingly more challenging, yet so very rewarding as well! 

Last year, in 2015, you advanced from a yellow belt to a green belt...testing two times! Once in May and the next time in October. My heart explodes with love when I am able to see you shine and you are able to revel in that feeling! 

Last summer, you truly became a swimmer and like me when I was young, you have become a little fish who just loves to be in the water! 

We explored the first trilogy of Star Wars together...and although New Hope and Empire Strikes Back freaked you out, you totally loved Return of the Jedi! Who doesn't love the Ewoks and Yoda? 

We had a few trips to Mimi and Grandaddy's house... the fourth of July (Mommy's favorite) and Christmas with the entire family. Watching you take it all in...the very place I grew such a blessing! There were many years when I thought I would not ever be a Mommy!! And when I get to bring you to my hometown and watch you take it all in, little girl Amo reignites in my soul as I watch you explore my childhood home and land! Knowing that you are making memories in the same home I did when I was eight is a true gift of nostalgia. 

You took second grade on by storm... 
Your teacher Mrs Sharpe informed us during parent teacher conference that you only want to be called: Cam, therefore, THAT is your name at school! I about fell off of my chair! 
What a big boy! Claiming your identity and owning it!! May you always be fearless and unwavering in your ways of truth! 

And tonight, on the eve of your birth, you lost a tooth! It had been several months since your last baby tooth fell out! How appropriate this one is on the night before you turn 8! Just another reminder that Mommy's Littlest Lookalou is growing up! Soon, you will be mortified by that nickname and beg me to never utter it past my lips. You will soon begin telling me how uncool I am and how I need to NOT hug or kiss you in front of your friends. 

Ahhhhh yes!! I'm in preparation for these days...

Although...they are not here yet, so I will continue to love you as my baby boy! 

I'll tuck you in with the sheets pulled tight all around you, kiss your sweet little face a million times and listen to you ask: "Mama, will you pick out my stuffed animal that wants to sleep with me tonight." 
I will wait for the moment when your little hand gently pushes my head to the pillow during cuddle time and say: "Lay Doooooown," in a way that you've said to me since you could talk in effort to remind me that it's not yet time to leave your room! 
I will make certain we dance in the rain like no one is watching and have more tickle fights and  mommy/son date nights than we did last year! 
I will shoot hoops and maybe even have a nerf gun fight or two! 
Oh and I'm sure we will end up at Build a Bear in your eight year..Your Favorite! 

Camden, words cannot convey the love that I hold in my heart and soul for incredible YOU! 
As I have begun walking closely with the Lord, you are witnessing the journey and showing an eagerness to do the same! Truly a supernatural relationship and it fills me with so much gratitude that our God is SO great and faithful! That now, we as a family, will unite together in our spiritual journey...and WATCH OUT WORLD!! The Weber Family is here to bring our unstoppable joy, peace and LOVE! 

And tonight, for the first time, I'm allowing myself to glimpse in my mind a picture of an 18 year old Camden Jon. The spirit of that young man...the one who was in the restaurant... comes to mind.  

I see you happy!
I see you surrounded by friends who adore you! 
I see you teaching others, including me, about kindness and love simply by being your incredible self! 
I see you hungry for the world that awaits, yet still fond of your family! 
I believe that there will be a large tug at your heart when it's time to step out into the world...yet when you will be SOAR! 

As much as I don't want you to grow quickly, I'm also excited to see how you are going to embrace and soar in this beautiful life for which you have been given. I can't wait to see what you make of it! 

Ahhhhh yes!! I'm in preparation for those days...

Although...they are not here yet, so I will continue to love you as my baby boy! 

On this night my heart smiles in the wonderment of YOU and the awe that I was chosen to be your Mommy (pretty sure you'll be switching over to "Mom" any day now). 

Camden Boos, you are my world!! You are my son and my SUN!!! 
Year 7 was a blast...

Tomorrow morning you will awaken to the New Year of Eight The Great! 

I love you my sweet boy so much my heart could explode! 

Happy Birthday!! 

All My Love...
All My Life and Beyond,


Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Dashton Blue is Four Plus Two

To My Sweet and Silly Dashy,

Here I sit, on the eve of your sixth birthday and I’m in awe at how quickly time passed us yet again. I feel like I was just writing your 5th birthday letter, and Just Like That…it’s one year later!

As a mommy, I wish that I could hit a “pause button” on time- just so I could savor these sweet years with my two adorable yet super fast growing sons.

So it is within these annual letters that I can pause…remember…smile…and maybe even shed a few tears.

Your 5th year brought you from a teeny tiny nugget into the makings of a big boy.

You attended Pre-K at Step Forward Day School 5 days per week with your teachers: Ms. Tina, Ms. Sherri, and Ms. Kristen.  Daddy and I noticed how quickly you were growing in vocabulary and writing! We were and are continuously amazed at your hunger to learn! Of course it was not all business at your school. Days were filled with so much joy- crafts, outdoor play and making lots of friends. When I would pick you up, you couldn’t wait to open your little monogramed school bag, pull out your folder, and show me what you’d made and learned that day.

What I will remember most, and miss so very much, is the space in the mornings after we dropped your brother off at school. Typically we were first or second in the car lane at Step Forward and we would have a good 20 minutes to wait until your teachers came to walk you in to your classroom. 

“Mama…can I come up and cuddle you,” you’d say.

How could I resist?

And so I’d hear the un-click of the seatbelt, and your tiny little body would crawl from the back seat and fit perfectly into my lap.

This became our ritual. 
Mornings spent together…just us: cuddling, singing, making silly videos, taking selfies, learning abc’s, and talking to Mimi on the phone before you hopped out of the car to begin your day.

Those days are gone! Never again will we have that time. You, cozy in my lap, giving me sweet snuggles and professing your innocent love for me…

“You are my guuuurfwend, mommy”….”I want to maaweee you”

"You are the most beautiful-est mommy"

And just like that- I would melt!!

I remember reading a blog before you were born about the age where boys would tell their mamas they would want to marry them. I always thought it was so sweet, silly, and hilarious.

And Just Like That…you, my own son, was saying it to me!

Fifth Year Favorites Included:
Superheroes- any and all, Legos (mama steps on them all of the time...OUCH), Minecraft, Nerf Wars with Camden and our neighbors, rocking out yoga poses, demonstrating your flexibility by throwing down the splits whenever and wherever you could (sounds like someone else I know), playing with your pups: Buddy (our new rescue dog) and Wiley, and getting your yellow belt in tae kwan do, and rocking out to music! 

You also developed a love for green smoothies and have a slight obsession with broccoli!

This summer spent as a Mommy was my favorite thus far! A trip to Smith Lake was how it began! Carefree and unplugged hours spent on the water and jumping off the dock! Celebrating our family! 
Back in Franklin: both you and Camden were just independent enough to play outside together but still very into spending time with me!! Our trips to the pool were always filled with relaxing fun. Getting to work with you on your swimming (like I did with your brother a year prior) is time that I will always treasure! You aren’t swimming laps yet, but you will be by next summer. As the hours became days and the days turned to months…Just Like That…you started kindergarten.

Witnessing you step out of the car, your way-too-big bag slung across your tiny back, walking side by side with your brother was truly an image I will never forget. There you went…confident, ready, and full of excitement! Never once did you express fear!

Currently you LOVE math and checking out informational animal books from the library. You also like to chase your little friend Margo around on recess, but you insist she is NOT your girlfriend! :)

And a conformist you are NOT!! Understanding the ins and outs of elementary school has been a tad overwhelming for you.

“There are just SO MANY RULES,” you exclaimed!

Oh sweet boy, your spirit is wild like mine! Your intellect and intensity runs deep- like your Daddy. I sometimes worry that you will be a “learn it the hard way” type of kiddo like I was. I pray that is not the case and that you follow in the footsteps of your rule following Daddy as you make your way through these adolescent and teenage years!

I asked you what you wanted to be when you grow up a few days ago and you told me “An Artist”! How I loved to hear this, because your creativity is one of your most beautiful traits! That little mind of yours…it’s ALWAYS working.

Your sass is endless…your spunk contagious, and you are one pokey little dude!!
It takes you FOREVER to complete a task! All in Dashy’s time!!

Which brings me to the word: Patience.
This virtue has never been my strong suit. It’s been something that I’ve wrestled with for years.

Dashy- YOU, my son, are teaching me Patience! There are days where I want to pull my hair out because it’s taking you SO long to get ready, make your bed, eat your breakfast, put on your shoes, get your shower, put away your toys, come inside, wash your hands, get out of the car, and eat your meals.

As I pause to think of how frustrating this can be, I also find myself smiling.

Everyday I learn from you…
You teach me about the world through your innocent eyes and honest voice.

You inherited the gift of gab from your mama…
It is rare that you’re not speaking- communicating your wants, needs, dreams, and your take of the world around you.

Dashton Blue, you are HILARIOUS!!! A little comedian with whom it is almost impossible to stay mad.

Your spirit infections, your giggle contagious, and your heart is PURE GOLD!

Although it’s only been six years since you arrived, I cannot recall what my world was like without the gift of YOU!

So tonight…and tomorrow…and everyday thereafter, I give thanks that I was chosen to be your mama!!

And Just Like That…I say: Happy 6th Birthday To My Little Boy Bleu!

I love you more than words could ever say!